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As you are aware, employing the best people gives companies a competitive advantage. We are constantly in the marketplace searching for top talent. Alliance Search, LLC is in the business of identifying, locating and evaluating some of the strongest professionals for our client companies. We take the time to understand the specifications of the position, and the company's culture. Candidates are individually recruited and carefully screened to best match the needs of the client.

We utilize many sources to locate top talent. Listed below are three:

  • Networking : Our experience in executive recruitment and in the industries in which we focus has allowed us to build relationships with many industry professionals who refer candidates to us on a regular basis.
  • Cold calls : On a daily basis, we source and contact professionals from leading companies and major corporations to discuss our opportunities and to see if they may have an interest or if they know of someone who might qualify.
  • Referral Database : We maintain a large database of past candidates and referrals; we utilize this on a regular basis seeking current referrals.

Our fee agreements are negotiated prior to beginning a search. We conduct both Contingency and Retained searches. Contingency Search: Our fee is paid by the client company only if our candidate is hired. Retained Search: We do like to suggest a retainer fee for executive search assignments. Just as it shows the client's commitment to filling this position, it also allows us to commit and devote our full resources to your search.

Call today and speak with one of our experienced executive recruiters.

Learn how we can best assist your company in locating top talent. Learn how hiring an outside recruiter can be cost effective, including the true cost for every day that a key opening remains unfilled and the toll it takes on your other employees who are often overworked and overstressed, while grudgingly doing double duty.

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